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【Patient Story】My Ten-year Appointment with SHU

Ling GAO, Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Key Words: Ten-year intimate friend; family trust; first experience
In a summer afternoon, a mother who gave birth to two babies in Shanghai United Family Hospital shared her indissoluble bond to this hospital with us.

The early adopters
Back to ten years ago, it was the first time for me to be a mother. I was kind of depressed and afraid of the unknown physical examination and the parturition, so was my husband. Just when we were anxious about it, my husband happened to see the advertisement of Shanghai United Family Hospital on its maternal package which covered services ranging from prenatal examination to parturition in hospital. Immediately we made an appointment to visit the hospital.

On the visiting date, the hospital staff gave us a warm reception. During the visit, I noticed the working condition of the medical staff in particular. They all appeared to be quite experienced and professional on making introductions, which completely erased my initial fear and concern for the parturition. They convinced me that I needed not to worry a lot during the whole parturition process. After one to two weeks of multilateral comparison and observation, I made my choice to entrust myself and my baby to Shanghai United Family Hospital. We could be labeled as the early adopters for selecting a private hospital for parturition ten years ago.

Ten-year intimate friend
I gave birth to my first baby at Shanghai United Family Hospital in 2007. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and my attending doctor Cathy Ling patted on my shoulder calmly, saying “As long as your test indexes are normal, you can eat at will, but eat an appropriate amount within the controllable range.” On hearing these words, I was finnaly relieved. Under the instruction of Doctor Ling, my antenatal examinations went well.

Based on the first-time wonderful parturition experience and the trust in Shanghai United Family Hospital, I chose here for my second parturition without hesitation in 2016. The obstetrician this time was Doctor Gao Ling who dressed neat and tidy, like an “office elite”, but was also quite gentle and reliable during working.

Finally, it was the parturition day, the nurse aside systematically and composedly. It seemed that she knew about my tension inside and tried to pacify me through her composure. You could sense her professionalism intuitively. Even a nurse is of such high-quality, not to mention the high-level and high-quality medical team in this hospital. Under the operation of the professional medical team, my baby was born safe and sound.

Today, ten years later, not only my two babies see doctors at pediatrics of SHU, my husband and I also come to this hospital when we are ill. The consistent professionalism and consideration for patients have convinced us to entrust ourselves to Shanghai United Family Hospital and to make it our life-long friend.