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A Mother’s VBAC Experience with her Second Child

Ninni JI, Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Shared by Ms. Zhang

I gave birth to my first baby by cesarean section in a local hospital, and suffered a long and painful recovery period. After that experience, I considered for quite some time whether to have a second baby. I later learned of many comfortable delivery experiences shared by mothers who selected Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) for giving birth. In addition to these stories, the treatment services provided by SHU greatly impressed me. So, I decided to select SHU for my second delivery. I always thought that I could only give birth to my second baby by cesarean, but after my doctor’s patient and professional explanation, I understood that SHU could help mothers have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  This would save me from the pain of another surgical incision on my stomach.

Usually my prenatal appointments were in the late afternoon, but Doctor Ninni Ji was never tired after a whole day’s work and conducted the examination with full energy. I truly admired this vigorous female doctor. Sarah, the nurse working with Doctor Ji, was quite meticulous and considerate, and her professionalism alleviated any doubts and anxiety that I had. The entire prenatal care process went smoothly, and under the guidance of the SHU doctors, I maintained proper diet and exercise to prepare for my VBAC.

On my delivery day, I chose painless labor, and the delivery process went well. The midwife that day was MK, one of the experienced midwives who instructed me on breathing methods and guided me how to best breathe and push. From the moment MK told me “we can start,” to when I checked the clock on the wall, only 26 minutes had passed until my baby was born, and after less than ten uterine contractions. The VBAC delivery went even more smoothly than expected.

After my first delivery by cesarean, I was stuck in bed with a catheter for two days. Even if I got out of bed, I could not move a single step, because it was quite painful. However, after my VBAC at SHU, I could go to the bathroom by myself only one hour after the delivery, and my recovery was rapid and smooth.

After my delivery, my relatives and friends were amazed that I had natural birth for my second baby after giving birth to the first by cesarean. My personal delivery experience showed the benefits to both my baby and me.

Therefore, I would like to share my experience with many more mothers. If you choose the right hospital, you can have natural labor for your second baby after giving birth to the first by cesarean.

Based on this perfect delivery experience and my trust in the professionalism of SHU, I have recommended the SHU Obstetrics Department to my relatives and friends, hoping more second-baby mothers can have a pleasant delivery experience, like mine, at Shanghai United Family Hospital.