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What does pharmacists do?

Vivian CHEN, Senior Pharmacist

Normal work of pharmacists in ShangHai United Hospital includes: Taste antibiotics in order to communicate with parents about the flavor of different antibiotics, who are concerned about feeding meds; Punch own fingers in order to help patients get over the needle phobia and handle it smoothly with the experience; explain the effect, side effects and precautions of the meds in order to enforce the pt’s compliance with the therapy and maximize the therapy as well; Review the dosage, formulation and interaction of the meds in order to ensure the therapy safety and effective. But we do not stop here.
Drug therapy is the meds’ trip in the body. “Destination”—-individualization consideration; “In what way”—formulation consideration; precaution of the “trip”; potential problem and recommendations about “unacclimatization”; interactions among different meds; safety and economy of the “trip”; therapy change with the change of the individual situation.  Pharmacists provide medication therapy management to help patients get the best benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing and resolving medication-related problems. Medication therapy management services include medication therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy consults, anticoagulation management, immunizations, health and wellness programs and many other clinical services.
Who can benefit from medication therapy management? Anyone who uses prescription medications, non-prescription medications, herbals, or other dietary supplements may potentially benefit from medication therapy management services. People who may benefit the most include those who use several medications, those who have several health conditions, those who have questions or problems with their medications, those who are taking medications that require close monitoring, those who have been hospitalized, and those who obtain their medications from more than one pharmacy.
At Shanghai United Family Hospital, we provide variety of MTM service to our patients. Some of the featuring service including Chronic Disease Management, Comprehensive Medication Review, Targeted Medication Review, Medication Related Action Plan (MAP), Intervention and /or Referral and Personal Medication Record.