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Recovery of the Fitness Instructor

Derk C. RIETVELD, Chief of Sports Medicine;
Shoulder, Knee, Ankle Surgeon

Ms. Olesia is a sports enthusiast with a very influential personality as well. She is a Fitness instructor for 22 years and is always busy with her high demanding work.Unfortunately intense sports works can also lead to severe injuries, she was also a victim of it. She had an unfortunate accident on vacation with her family, and her knee got swollen. She could not do her activities anymore as she used to do before.This is when she came to Shanghai United Family Hospital, and the the Chief of Sports Medicine, Dr. Derk Rietveld, made a diagnosis in where she had an anterior cruciate ligament rupture with instability. They discussed whether a surgery or stay conservative would be better. Because of her wish to work as a fitness instructor again, she chose to do a surgery. Also because if she would injure her knee again, she would probably get more damage in her knee with a prognosis that would be bad. In beginning she did exercised and rehabilitation, but finally, she decided to go for an operation.

About the diagnosis process and knee surgery with Dr. Derk, Ms. Olesia herself states:“First meeting with Dr. Derk was about explaining me about “my knee problem”, Doctor Derk was very accessible and very straight forward with the right balance between making me aware of conservative treatment and the complexity of surgery and the “non-exceptional” nature of it. He made me comfortable about the level of facilities and technology available in China and shared his experience outside of the country.Second meeting, he invited my husband and I to explain us about the process and made my husband aware of the potential issues.Third meeting, I met him and he showed me the way my knee will be looking after the surgery and how the rehab process will go.
Finally, the surgery day came, and my husband also accompanied me to boost my moral. The doctor was very relaxed and introduced me to the anesthesiologist.After the surgery, I saw Dr. Derk after a week and he introduced me to a physiotherapist from further rehabilitation. My recovery went well and Dr. Derk, the physiotherapist and I were all very happy about it. Thanks to my consistent training, I was already able to take some fitness classes after 4 months. I am now in the last months of my rehab training and I feel that I am ready to do everything again, which means high performance training for me.

“So at this moment I’m running for about 8-10 km per day.  Having one- two classes in the day…. I’m super happy for being back to all my sports activities.”
As a medical facility that offers comprehensive diagnostics, high quality surgery rooms and rehabilitation, Shanghai United Family ensures a superior quality of medical care and higher convenience for sportspeople We are here to congratulate Ms. Olesia , a fitness enthusiast for returning to her trainer life and wishing her all the health and happiness in future. 
The doctor who made the right diagnosis and did the surgery for Ms. Olesia, is Dr. Derk Rietveld, the Chief of Sports Medicine and adult orthopedics, a Shoulder, Knee, Ankle Surgeon in Shanghai United Family Hospital.Dr. Derk Rietveld has over 20 years of clinical experience. He received his medical and resident orthopedic surgery degree from Leiden University Medical Center in 1994 and 2002. He did his Fellowship training at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in the Netherlands and in Switzerland, specializing in sports orthopedics and traumatology.