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Patient Story – Ms. Sylvia

Derk C. RIETVELD, Chief of Sports Medicine;
Shoulder, Knee, Ankle Surgeon

Sylvia suffered a gymnastics injury in October that ruptured her ACL and left her right leg incapacitated. After receiving unsatisfactory treatment from 2 medical clinics that gave her no clear diagnosis and a lot of frustration, her local physiotherapist referred her to Dr. Derk at Shanghai United Family Healthcare.

Although Shanghai United Family Healthcare was located quite far from Sylvia’s house and she was not very mobile with her injury, Sylvia decided to give it a go due to Dr. Derk’s reputation as a top specialist in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. After the first session with Dr. Derk, Sylvia knew that she had made the right choice.

“The first thing they did was perform an MRI and other diagnostic tests,” said Sylvia. “There was a lot going on in there but Dr. Derk was able to give me a clear diagnosis and suggestions for treatment. Out of the 3 medical professionals I’d seen for my injury he was the first one who was able to tell me what was going on with my body, and that was a big relief.”

With Dr. Derk, Sylvia felt her injury was finally being treated with the appropriate care and attention. Sylvia had sustained an injury to the same leg 5 years prior that she felt never healed properly as it was not treated well. She felt Dr. Derk truly listened to her concerns for wanting a full recovery this time with no lingering issues that would come back later on down the line.

“Other doctors did not even offer surgery as an option. They said it was unnecessary given I’m not a professional athlete, but I wanted to ensure that I could have the best possible recovery,” said Sylvia. “Dr. Derk recommended the surgery as the best course of action based on my priorities.”

Dr. Derk also took care to minimize scarring. “For women especially, it’s not nice to have our legs marked, and he was really careful to make it as little as possible. I could see the stark difference with a friend who had surgery at the same time and whose doctor didn’t care at all,” said Sylvia.

The surgery was performed successfully 1 month after the injury. “Although I know the whole rehab will take 9 months, I already felt almost recovered after three months” said Sylvia.

Sylvia is very happy with the care she received from Dr. Derk and Shanghai United Family Healthcare and has already recommended him to other friends who have sustained sports injuries.