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Children’s Leg Bowing May Turn Out To Be Hip Dysplasia

Dear Parents: Hello everyone, The reason I'm writing this letter today is that I want to share my personal experience regarding the lack of knowledge about children's skeletal developm..

Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) Surgeon Fixes New and Old Hernia at Same Time

Recently SHU received personal story from our patient, Tim Dyson (whose name we’ve changed here for privacy).  Why did he choose Shanghai United Family Hospital? Being a veteran ex..

A Mother Shares Her Birthing Experience in SHU

A Mother’s VBAC Experience with her Second Child at Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) Shared by Mrs. Zhang I gave birth to my first baby by cesarean section in a local hospital, a..

My Ten-year Appointment with Shanghai United Family Hospital

The early adopters Back to ten years ago, it was the first time for me to be a mother. I was kind of depressed and afraid of the unknown physical examination and the parturition, so was m..