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SHU 12th Anniversary Family Day

On the very sunny afternoon of November 27, 2016, Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics (SHU) organized the “SHU 12th Anniversary Family Day” event at its United Family Quankou Clinic. Families, friends and community members were invited to the joyful event, with the youngest wearing doctors smocks and participating in an adventurous health journey throughout the clinic with their families in tow. Children visited several departments to get a stamp in their “passport” and to earn their “degree” from the Dental Clinic, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, the Eye Clinic, Mental Health, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and the Dermatology & Aesthetic Center. Along the way, the children and their families learned about good hygiene and healthy habits from SHU staff, interacting together, before ultimately attaining their official “chop” inside their passport so that they could apply for an “official” SHU medical certificate upon completion. In addition to getting a small doctor’s kit, some kids also won lucky draw prizes. Below are some of the comments the young doctors gave when asked about their experience.


We are twins both born at Shanghai United Family Hospital. We love the stethoscope we received from Dr. Lu. I was very interested to learn whether twins in their mommy’s tummy have synchronized heart beats.


I checked and brushed my dad’s teeth. It seems he has been brushing well, and my dad’s teeth turned out to be pretty clean. Dr. Zhang also gave me a dental check, telling me that I already had grown 20 beautiful teeth, and that I was a good brusher too. I never knew I had so many teeth!


Dr. Dong taught me how to use a stethoscope. I never knew you could hear the heart so clearly this way and that this is what it sounds like. That’s so cool!


Dr. Huang’s stop and her games were some of the most interesting. Everybody lined up to experience them. Although there were a lot of people, we all were good boys and girls, and very orderly.


Dr. Sheng was as gentle as my mother is when helping me to check my eyes and see whether or not I needed glasses.


I really liked comparing with Dr. Wang to see who had more patience.

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I thought it was really fun to join the skin game with my mama and the other mamas who seemed to ask a lot of questions to Dr. Chen about beauty.


Dr. Wu, please check my ability to balance! Isn’t it great?


MK and Dr. Ying met up with some of the preemies born at SHU, catching up on how they were doing, just like old friends caring for each other after being separated for a while.


After I fill my passport with 8 stamps, I can go to get my doctor’s certificate. Awesome!


Look at my little doctor’s medical certificate! When I grow up, I hope I can get a real doctor’s certificate and become a real doctor!

All in all, the SHU 12th Anniversary Family Day event was a great success, producing happy “little doctors” that, together with their parents, learned a lot about good health. The event truly showed SHU’s warm and caring heart to the community, and the closeness we share among our families. 

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