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With the world’s eye on the stellar event, Victoria’s Secret Show, and the weighty expectations of an adoring home crowd, it is an understatement to say the pressure is immense. Many witnessed the slip and fall of one of the angels, Shanghai native, Ming Xi (full name: Xi Mengyao).
In her response, Ming stated: “I’m so sorry to let everyone down, thank you everyone for your concern. As a model for seven years, I’ve fallen down on the road countless times along the way… but I know no matter how painful it is, I have to stand up again and finish walking… The future road is very long and I will continue to follow it… Thank you.”
Ming, you did not let anyone down. While some lament the fall of an angel, we give credo and respect to you for your courage to spring upon your feet and walk on down the runway.
Although ankle sprain is an extremely common sports injury, and is often under-estimated or poorly treated. It is estimated that some 30% of the individuals will develop chronic ankle instability following their first episode of ankle sprain.
Therefore, appropriate and timely care is essential for trauma and sports injuries. From an accurate initial evaluation, bracing (see photo), muscle strengthening, kinetic chain training (moving limbs in alignment), and proprioceptive training (position awareness and reaction speed), each plays an important role in ensuring an optimal outcome, for athletes and fashionistas alike.

The Department of Orthopedic & Sports Medicine is consisted of a highly qualified, international team of doctors. Assuring you real continuity in care, we offer extensive experience combined with innovative diagnostic techniques in assessing and treating sports injuries and trauma.
Whether you are an athlete, trying to recover from an injury, or just suffering from pain, we will work with you to create a treatment plan to relieve your pain and restore function.

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation helps patients recover from injuries, relieve pain due to faulty mechanics, and restore function and mobility following surgeries.
Our highly-qualified team of international clinicians is ready to provide the absolute best care available. We offer comprehensive diagnosis including a state-of-the-art, in-house MRI scanner and convenient, highly-sensitive sport medicine ultrasound scans, paired with broad expertise in the advanced, minimally-invasive surgical techniques, joint reconstructions, pain management consultation, and other non-surgical options.
At Shanghai United Family Hospital, we are proud of the comprehensive and integrated care we provide. The highly experienced health professionals and specialists in the departments of orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine work closely together, to offer an exceptional patient experience in each case.