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PRP Injection Package

Department introduction

The Department of Orthopedic & Sports Medicine at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics  is composed of a highly qualified team of international physicians. Assuring you real continuity in care, we provide extensive experience combined with new diagnostic techniques in treating sports injuries or trauma to the back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, and other joints, as well as pain management. Whether you are an athlete, trying to recover from an injury, or just suffering from pain, we will work with you to create a treatment plan to relieve your pain and restore function.

Package details

1、Package items

  • One PRP injection
  • One hour observation after injection
  • Consumable items for injection

 2、Package rates

  • Package rate:RMB12,800

3、Package frequent asked Q&A

Q1:Where can we use PRP therapy?

PRP can potentially speed up the healing process of orthopedic issues. PRP therapy is used in the treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries, such as ligament and muscle injuries and overuses. PRP has been used to treat professional athletes with common sports injuries for acute and chronic injuries.

Q2:What’s the benefits of PRP?

1.  It contains entirely natural products from a patient’s own blood.

2.  Traditional treatments for tendonitis does not always give the best result.

  • Repeated cortisone injections into tissue can destroy and weaken it
  • Cortisone injections into tendons of the lower extremity can lead to
    rupture of those tendons
  • Long term anti-inflammatory pills only mask symptoms and do not heal
    tissue and often cause gastrointestinal problems
  • The success rate for surgical management of tendonitis can vary and is unpredictable for any individual

4、PRP injection can be applied for:

  • Adult patients who have long standing problems with tendonitis or other conditions who have failed previous treatment or have the inability to tolerate oral anti-inflammatory medications due to medical problems or allergies.
  • Myositis or fasciitis with local pain, numbness, fatigue or any symptoms influence the life severely. Chronic pain in limb muscle, tendon or joint with high recurrence or long suffered time
  • Chronic wounds, bone nonunion, bone defect.
  • Infection controlled burn wounds, diabetic ulcers and radiation skin injuries.
  • PRP can increase autologous fat graft survival rate in augmentation surgery. Such as: breast augmentation, wrinkle reducing surgery, facial juvenescence operation and so on.


PRP injection is not applicable to:

  • Infants and elderly patients (>80 years old) from whom may not be able to get enough blood or few stem cells in the blood.
  • Patients with acute inflammation, infectious diseases, hyperthermia or bacteremia。
  • Patients with hemorrhagic diseases or coagulopathy which are not controlled.
  • Application for patients with severe autoimmune diseases should be cautious for the effectiveness of PRP therapy in autoimmune environment is still unclear.