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Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes 2016 at SHU

At Shanghai United Family Hospital, we recognize that making the decision to have a baby is one which carries a great deal of responsibility. Therefore, it often requires a great deal of ongoing care and support. Our teaching program is an important part of this ongoing care. In a friendly, informal setting, our experienced staff provides the necessary education and guidance to help parents face pregnancy and delivery with confidence and understanding. Our classes not only provide the opportunity to explore different aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, but also provide a great opportunity to make friends with others in a similar situation.

— Wendy Mahon, Midwife

Wendy Mahon: Wendy Mahon is an Australian with over 30 years of midwifery, infant, child, and community-related nursing experience, based on comprehensive qualifications within the field.  Wendy commenced her career as registered nurse in 1985 at Geelong Hospital before she went on to specialize in the mother-baby dyad, including a Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery (RMIT University 1996), Masters in Child, Family and Community Nursing Science (Latrobe University 2003), and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLE 2014).

In conjunction with the practical real world experience of raising her four children, she has gained extensive experience as a midwife working in several hospitals including the world-renowned Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia, while also working as a community midwife which included all aspects of care, from antenatal, childbirth education, labor and birth, postnatal, special care, home visiting, and child health to school age.

Wendy commenced work at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics in 2011, where she continues to draw upon her qualifications, extensive experience and latest research to benefit the health of her patients. Wendy is passionate about empowering and advocating for women to achieve their birth and breastfeeding goals.

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Later in your pregnancy, we offer a series of five childbirth classes, which are designed to familiarize couples with what to expect in late stages of pregnancy, and how to recognize the onset of labor. Advice is given on different aspects of pregnancy. We recommend taking these classes between 28-34 weeks.

Every Wednesday, 7 pm – 9 pm, series of 3 classes Year 2016

Instructor: Wendy Mahon

Expected Date of Delivery Class Date






July. 13,20, 27

Aug. 3,10 ,17

Aug.31 Sept 7,14

Oct 12,19,26

Nov 2,9,16

Nov 30 Dec 7 ,14

** These 3 classes are free, and include study materials.

Please register with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology or call

2216 3900 ext. 1658 or ext. 1700.

Dates maybe subject to change – please confirm with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Please note that only patients who are delivering their baby at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics may attend our prenatal classes.