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Shanghai United Family Hospital PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH CLASSES Year 2018

At Shanghai United Family Hospital we recognize that making the decision to have a baby is one which carries with it a great deal of responsibility and is one which often requires a great deal of ongoing care and support. Our teaching program is an important part of this ongoing care. In a friendly informal setting, our experienced staff provides the necessary education and guidance to help parents face the pregnancy and delivery with confidence and understanding. Our classes not only provide the opportunity to explore different aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, they also provide a great opportunity to make friends with others in a similar situation.


Later in your pregnancy, our series of three childbirth classes are offered, (best time to take is between 28-34 weeks) which are designed to familiarize couples with what to expect in late stages of pregnancy, and how to recognize the onset of labor. Advice is given on different aspects of pregnancy see “Summary Poster “


Every Wednesday, 7 PM – 9 PM, Series of 3 classes                        Year 2018

                                                                                                                                             Class Dates

Expected date of delivery       Feb/March. 2018                              Jan 3, 10, 17, –

Expected date of delivery      Apr./May.2018                                   Mar.07,14,21 –

Expected date of delivery      June./July.2018                                 May.02,09,16-

Expected date of delivery      Aug./Sept.2018                                  July.04,11,18-

Expected date of delivery       Oct./Nov.2018                                   Sept.05,12,19-

Expected date of delivery       Dec.2018/Jan.2019                          Nov.07,14,21,-

Price: Free (Only for expectant mothers at Shanghai United Family Hospital)

Please register with Arial at the OB/GYN OPD or call 2216 3900 ext. 1658 or ext. 1700

Please sign up for the class earlier, if you planning to return to your home country for the birth. The date maybe subjected to change. Please confirm with OB department.

For more details, please contact Arial Xu 22163900 ext.1700. ;



La Leche League Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month. Breast-feeding is best for your baby, but it is not without challenges. Meet other moms who are breast-feeding and join in discussions about a variety of related topics. Do you wonder if your baby is getting adequate nutrition? When do you introduce foods? Why is your baby so fussy? This group offers a great opportunity to find the answers.

This is a breast feeding support group, all new mothers are welcome whether you deliver in SHU or not. We also advise expectant mothers in the last two-month of their pregnancy to attend one of the meetings.


Puxi meeting dates (English version)

January      February      March             April          May    

June            Sept          October       November     Dec  


Price: Free (supported by the LaLeche League International Inc.)

Third Thursday of month: 10 am-12 noon



Check on LLL website for more