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Listening? What do you mean by listening?

Julia HUANG, Psychotherapist

When a clinical psychologist or therapist is at work, most of work he/she does is listening. Some of you might say, isn’t that easy? Everybody can listen. Well, actually active listening th..

Am I addicted?

Christoph Anatol HERDA, Psychiatrist

Many people know this and have experienced it themselves: there are periods of time in life, for example during the holidays or when life is perceived as stressful, that you drink a few ..

Help Doc, my kid’s not moving this arm! – Nursemaid’s elbow (radial head subluxation)

Maria BARO, Physical Therapist

Nursemaid’s elbow is the most common cause of elbow injury in children ages 1-4 years. It usually happens when the kid’s forearm, wrist or hand is pulled hard by someone else, and sometime..

New Technology to Combat Dry Eye Sydrome

Hui SHENG, Section Chief of Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist

In the previous article we mentioned that in many cases, 。dry eye syndrome is caused by MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction). The meibomian glands create a lipid known as "meibum.” Meibum is ..

Prevention of Child Fractures in Spring

Feng XIE, Chief Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery

What activities need attention? Common causes of fracture Injury during a spring tour In spring, the ground is covered in grass and is usually uneven and hard, which increas..

Premature Thelarche

Xuemin SUN, Surgeon

Premature thelarche — Most cases of premature thelarche are idiopathic and present under two years of age (and may even start at birth). Many cases will remit spontaneously, and most ot..

What Can I Do about this Dry Eye Problem?

Hui SHENG, Section Chief of Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist

What is dry eye syndrome? Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes are unable to generate enough tears or when the components of the tear film are altered, causing the tears to evaporate (disa..

Ways For Your Baby To Drink Water More Healthily

Xiumin WANG, Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, Hematologist

World Water Day is March 22. Water is the source of life. Drinking water seems too minor a concern to be mentioned, but plays an important role in everyone’s growth. It’s closely linked ..

Exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth

Recreational and competitive athletes with uncomplicated pregnancies can remain active during pregnancy and should modify their usual exercise routines as medically indicated.   P..

Be Careful. Every Bone Can Break

Derk C. RIETVELD, Chief of Sports Medicine; Shoulder, Knee, Ankle Surgeon

Every bone can break!   Most fractures are caused by an injury (such as a distortion or twist during sports). A bone fracture can also be caused by a tumor (called a pathological..