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UTI in Pregnancy

Chengjie SHEN, OBGYN Physician, Associate Chief Physician

Pregnancy is a happy journey, but sometimes there will be some ”small annoyances.”  Today, we will talk about UTI in pregnancy.   What is a UTI? Urinary tract infections (UTIs)..

6Tips!Say Goodbye to Inferiority

Paul WANG, Chair of Psychology, Acting Chair of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychologist

Feelings of Inferiority Inferiority is a negative sense of self-evaluation and self-consciousness. All of us have feelings of inferiority at one time or another. Alfred Adler, the master..

Infantile Colic –treatment

Richeller YLING, Neonatologist

Treatment There is no proven treatment for colic and drugs are not recommended. Management is generally conservative and involves reassurance of parents. 1. Changing milk- Incidence of col..

How to Take Care of Your Skin during Pregnancy

Lei CHEN, Chair of Dermatology, Dermatologist

The nine month process of pregnancy and birth is a time of growing expectations, transition, and only one constant, and that’s change. Along with the excitement of baby growing in the womb,..

Regulating Emotions

Julia HUANG, Psychotherapist

What is Emotion? Where is it? •A signal system is inherent in each of us •Making judgments in a high-speed, automatic, effective and integrated way •Above all, consider for survival (f..

Help for Parents in Caring for Baby’s Skin

Ellen XIANG, Dermatologist

Many parents have experienced fear and dismay upon suddenly spotting things like flecked pock marks or even skin areas that suddenly swell up on their newborn baby's skin.They say to themsel..

Wee-One Exam

Rouble RANA, Pediatric Dentist

Children should have their first dental exam by their 1st Birthday. Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics supports both the American Association and International Association of Pe..

Children’s Safety Tips for This Summer Vacation

Peggy LU, Chair of Family Medicine, Family Medicine Physician

Here comes the beautiful summer holidays! While parents are busy arranging family outings and all kinds of treatments for their children, many potential security vulnerabilities may exist bo..

Do not forget to care for your own eyes during pregnancy

SHENG, Hui, Section Chief of Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist

Since the very moment of finding out the pregnancy news, expectant mothers are absorbed in their happiness, and they pay attention to the slightest changes of their babies at every single mo..

Amuse Your Child With Mobiles—May Not Be a Good Choice

Lynn SU, Pediatrician、Pediatric Gastroenterologist

With the advanced of science & technology, electronic products are changing constantly. Especially, smart phones have had an increasing impact on our lives. In recent research, among 100..