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The Magic of Orthodontic Treatment

Sandy TANG, Orthodontist

Most people think that orthodontic treatment only applies for teenagers and kids, actually there are no age limits for getting braces! Orthodontic treatment can easily be done for those in t..

Must-knows About Shanghai Ambulance Service

Niels DECONINCK, Emergency Medicine Physician

Whether you have been living in China for years, or just arrived, the environment in Shanghai is unique. Language, traffic, air quality, and cultural differences can be challenging. And if a..

Limb Development in Children

Feng XIE, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon , Chief Physician

Children’s growth and development refers to the overall process involving both physical and psychological development from birth to maturity.  Limb development is the most observable one. A..

7 Myths of Flu

JORDHEN, Laura P., Family Medicine Physician

You may have heard some of the myths about influenza (and other) vaccinations, but read on ahead for some good advice on how vaccines keep you and your family healthy. Myths of In..

Top 8 Q&A about HPV Vaccine

Chengjie SHEN, OBGYN Physician, Associate Chief Physician

Recently, the HPV vaccine has become a hot topic, and the outpatient department almost every day gives consultations about HPV, the cervical cancer vaccine and abnormal cervical cancer scree..

【Patient Story】My Ten-year Appointment with SHU

Ling GAO, Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Key Words: Ten-year intimate friend; family trust; first experience In a summer afternoon, a mother who gave birth to two babies in Shanghai United Family Hospital shared her indissoluble b..

Something You Need to Know about Bariatric Surgery

Jun WANG, Surgeon

After growing increasingly popular in the West overthe past decade, bariatric surgery, also known as weight-loss surgery,is now available at Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU). For people..

Prevent Ear Infections this Summer

Jeanette BURKSCHAT, Section Chief of ENT Clinic, ENT Specialist

Summertime, sunshine and swimming pools – we all like this time of the year. This is also the time of the year when the number of external ear infections increases. Otitis externa is a co..

Remember Self-Care during Travel


Nowadays, the travel destination of high-end Chinese elites has almost stretched to most hot tourist spots on the globe, even occasionally including the Polar Regions in which some adventure..

UTI in Pregnancy

Chengjie SHEN, OBGYN Physician, Associate Chief Physician

Pregnancy is a happy journey, but sometimes there will be some ”small annoyances.”  Today, we will talk about UTI in pregnancy.   What is a UTI? Urinary tract infections (UTIs)..