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EVLA: The New Standard of Varicose Vein Treatment

Jun WANG, Surgeon

Varicose veins are a common disease that affects a wide variety of people - not only from a cosmetic point of view but also from a medical one. This article will help you learn more about va..

Why Choose Physical Therapy?


October is National Physical Therapy Month and a great opportunity to educate the community about physical therapy and how it can help you and your family members. What is a physical ther..

What are varicose veins? How are they treated?

ZHANG, Zhuo, Chair of General Surgery, Surgeon

Dr. Zhang Zhuo, Chief of General Surgery and Surgeon, share his expertise… Getting Under Your Skin: Varicose Veins Varicose veins are abnormally swollen or twisted veins that can appe..

Organic Radiographic Iodinated Contrast Media: What Is It and How Do We Prevent Adverse Reactions?

LIU Wei, Chair of Radiology, Radiologist

Whenever we feel sick, especially with unexpected chest or abdominal pain, we go to a hospital to see a doctor. While at the hospital, a physician may administer a CT examination (PROVIDE DE..

Will thyroid imbalances influence my infertility issues?


Question: Will thyroid imbalances influence my infertility issues? Dr. Winston Tam, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, shares his expertise. It is estimated as much as 16% of couples hav..

In a Season of Sunglasses: Rejuvenation for Your Eyes

Juliet PORCH, Plastic Surgeon

I always find it fascinating how much expression can be conveyed by one’s eyes. My kids were trying to guess each other’s emotions behind a mask today, and it ended up being easy for them ..

Smart Phones, Tablets, and Muscle Aches


This day and age, information is always readily available through various types of devices. Most of us own and use smart phones, tablets, computers, and video games, for both occupational an..

He Said, She Said Parenting Through The Endless Quarrels

Paul WANG, Chair of Psychology, Acting Chair of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychologist

Sibling relationships are just as important as parent-child relationships. Affection between brothers and sisters can be very complex, involving several different emotional and behavioral st..

Start Strong Finish Stronger

Niels DECONINCK, Emergency Medicine Physician

Every lap, every kilometer, and every race starts with a goal: a goal backed by hours and hours of hard work and diligent training. Runners need to remember that when pushing their body to t..

Thyroid Nodules: Get the Facts

ZHANG, Zhuo, Chair of General Surgery, Surgeon

Thyroid nodules are a common occurrence. Their prevalence increases with age - 5% to 15% of the adult population may have a clinically significant nodule that needs evaluation. Presently, no..