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【Iodine Deficiency Disorders】 What’s the big deal about iodine?

Hau LIU, Chief Medical Officer, Endocrinologist

When we think of iodine, we often think of antiseptic swabs that help prevent infection and treat wounds.  Actually, iodine is an important part of our diet and plays a critical role in our ..

Blocked ear and middle ear pressure change pain

Jeanette BURKSCHAT, Section Chief of ENT Clinic, ENT Specialist

Flying can be a painful experience for some people. Pressure during take off and landing can be very unpleasant but normally disappears quickly after swallowing or yawning. Some adult patien..

Zika Virus and Travel Medicine

Lincoln Sakiara MIYASAKA, Family Medicine Physician

More than 1 billion people travel every year, some on business others on vacation, visiting relatives and friends, for school projects and, many other different reasons. All this possibility..

Measles Not Just a Little Rash

GUINGAB, Maria Chinky B., Family Medicine Physician

Once thought to have been a thing of the past, measles has recently made a comeback. The trail of its return starts with an unvaccinated traveler visiting Shanghai, a city still widely affec..

Understanding Self-Harm in Children


Children, in all walks of life, can be susceptible to acts of self-harm. It tends to be a sensitive topic because of the shame, guilt, and negativity surrounding the matter. Self-harm includ..

4 Essential Postpartum Tips for New Mothers

Ling GAO, Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Your baby finally arrives after you have been pregnant for 9 long months. But what’s next? The birth of a child is the happiest day of a mother’s life, but also her biggest sacrifice. Ther..

Periodontitis & Pregnancy


With all of the knowledge and medical advances in today’s age, we have started to develop a ‘common sense’ regarding healthy teeth and pregnancy. Making sure your teeth are in good health..

Save Your Children’s Eyes: Don’t Overdo it with Electronic Devices During Vacation

SHENG, Hui, Section Chief of Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist

Whenever vacation ends, at the beginning of the new semester, there is almost always a few students with a new pair of glasses perched on the bridge of their noses, or classmates who origina..

Lead Poisoning in Children

YADAV, Shiv Kumar, Pediatrician

Lead is a naturally occurring, bluish-grey metal that exists in both organic and inorganic forms. It is soft, pliable, and resistant to corrosion. It has been used by humans for thousands of..

An Introduction to Dental Implants


A dental implant is a small but strong post made from biocompatible metals or ceramics. Under local anesthetic, it is inserted into the jaw bone, in place of the missing tooth root, and acts..