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Braces Time: Can It Be Shorten?

Sandy TANG, Orthodontist

The average time a patient is required to wear braces is about a year and half to two years.  Since it takes time for braces to slowly push the teeth into alignment and gradually correct the..

Special Topics on Kids’ Health Preserving in Summer

YUAN, Bruce, Pediatrician、 Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease Specialty Service

About socks: The heat in summer necessitates no socks for your baby, old enough to climb around, especially when he/she is having a frolic. However, the extensive use of air conditioners ..

How Does Psychotherapy Help Everyone

Julia HUANG, Psychotherapist

What is psychotherapy?People often view psychotherapy to be very mysterious. Actually, psychotherapy (also referred to as counseling) is about a therapist using psychological intervention to..

About Hypertension, You Need to Know These

Daniel,MENG, Supervisor of Cardiology Services, Consultant Cardiologist

Hypertension,also commonly known as high blood pressure,is a potentially life threatening medical condition that demands everyone’s attention. This is due to the deleterious effect it pla..

Vaccines – Your Baby’s Protective Umbrella

Tianjiao YANG, Pediatrician、Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialty Service、Hepatologist

Since 1986, “National Children’s Vaccination Day” has been observed in China every year on April 25th. This year marks the 31st National Children’s Vaccination Day, which is themed “Sta..

Infantile Colic –causes &diagnosis

Richeller YLING, Neonatologist

The coming of a new baby is one of the most joyful moments in a couple’s life especially to first time parents. Caring for these precious angels is not just joyful but more so fulfilling. A..

The Right Age for Braces

Sandy TANG, Orthodontist

Many parents bring their kids to our clinic when their four front teeth erupted around age 7. These front teeth always draw lots of attention since they are the 1st group of adult teeth repl..

Student Nutrient Needs – an Inside

Erica CLEARY, UK State Registered Dietician

A nutrition survey conducted by the China Department of Health and Education found that students' dietary intake is low in protein, iron and calcium - but high in fibre. Though the level of ..

Help Your Child Avoid Asthma Triggers

Cecille Winnie Joy BRION, Pediatrician

The symptoms of pediatric asthma can range from a nagging cough that lingers for days or weeks to sudden and scary breathing emergencies. Common symptoms include: Coughing, especially a..

【Iodine Deficiency Disorders】 What’s the big deal about iodine?

Hau LIU, Chief Medical Officer, Endocrinologist

When we think of iodine, we often think of antiseptic swabs that help prevent infection and treat wounds.  Actually, iodine is an important part of our diet and plays a critical role in our ..