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Guohua MEI


Associate Chief Physician of Foot & Ankle Surgery
Orthopedic - Foot & Ankle Surgery, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital




Orthopedic & Sports Medicine




Dr. Mei is a doctor of orthopedics, specializing in foot and ankle surgery from Shanghai No.6th People’s Hospital. He is highly experienced in treating and operating on issues related to the foot and ankle, including injuries to the ankle, ankle arthritis, foot and ankle deformities such as hallux valgus deformity, clubfoot and flat feet, as well as post-trauma treatment.

Areas of specialty: 

Dr. Mei is highly experienced in the correction of hallux valgus deformity, as well as various other deformities like clubfoot and flat feet, ankle arthritis, post-trauma treatment for the ankle, and the diagnosis and treatment of various sports injuries.


Dr. Mei trained as a resident in France for a year in 2002, obtaining his qualification and certificate in orthopedics there. Later on, he took part in many training sessions, focused on the foot and ankle, in the US, France and Switzerland.

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