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Surgery Bundle

Bundled Care Concept
Bundled pricing program is a set fee for the pre-arranged amount of care for certain surgical procedures. Under Bundle Pricing Care, everything related to the performing the certain surgical procedure—including pre-operative lab tests, the surgery itself, room and post-operation “Episode of Care”. The Episode of Care includes everything from the time the patient decides to have a surgical procedure until 90 days after the surgical procedure.

Inclusive Service Items 
* Pre-operative visit, e.g. surgeon examination, anesthesiologist consultation, lab exams, EKG, chest x-ray.
* Surgery, assistant surgeon (if needed), hospital day physician consultation, operation room, operation equipment & consumable, anaesthesia, PACU, inpatient room, lab exams, medicines, etc.
* The entire cost of any follow-up, in the event that a patient experiences an avoidable complication within 90 days after the date of surgery.

* This price does NOT include initial consultations and diagnostic tests prior to the decision to undergosurgey.
*SHU surgeon will decide if patient falls under bundle criteria.
* SHU reserves the right to make all final decisions and interpretations of this price.

* Cash pay1 2 3 4 50001

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