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How to lose weight?

Lincoln Sakiara MIYASAKA, Family Medicine Physician

We are experiencing a worldwide increase in obesity. Since 1980, the prevalence of obesity has doubled in more than 70 countries. In the United States, based on data collected for The Nation..

(COVID19) Cheat Sheet of Dos&Don’ts in School

Private: Collin YONG, Pediatrics Dept. Chair

As classes begin again, Shanghai United Family Hospital has prepared 24 FAQ’s about Coronavirus for you. Start your child off right by being informed and ensuring a healthy school y..

Intermittent explosive disorder

Christoph Anatol HERDA, Chair of the Department of Mental Health, Psychiatrist

Mrs. Wang, a 35 year old Chinese business woman, working as a consultant part time, and mother of 3 and 5 year old children comes for an assessment, after her British husband has threatened ..

How to Cope with Anxiety During a Pandemic?

Lincoln Sakiara MIYASAKA, Family Medicine Physician

In December 2019, a new virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 or SARS-Cov-2 was discovered in China.  This virus causes a disease named Coronavirus Disease 2019 or simply CO..

Immunity Boosting Tips in Kids

Maggie ZHUANG, Family Medicine Physician

More schools may reopen as the coronavirus spread has been basically curbed. It’s true that gathering lots of people together indoors day after day leads to the inevitable exposure to a mul..

The Challenges of E-learning for Parents & Children

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all schools have been shut down and kids of all ages are staying home learning online. This has brought many challenges to teachers, students, and most unexp..