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Mingjie YANG, Section Chief of Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedic surgeon Associate Chief Physician

Have you ever worried about osteoporosis and aging? How can you prevent osteoporosis? Do you have any misunderstanding about osteoporosis? We will tackle these questions one by one in this a..

Are Annual Health Checkups Really Necessary?

Jiayu WU, Internal Medicine Physician

Health management is an increasingly important issue for people and most employers now offer annual health checkups, or physical examinations, for employees as part of their overall wellness..

Nicole HUANG, Registered Dietitian

If you are currently pregnant or planning for pregnancy, are you fully prepared? Maybe you have an avalanche of questions and concerns. We have picked some of the most common questions and a..

The Right Understanding of Physical Therapy

Stephen WANG, Physical Therapist

Many people may misunderstand physiotherapy simply as massage, which is in fact just a small technique involved. In fact, physiotherapy can involve a number of different treatments and preve..

What is sports medicine?

Private: Derk C. RIETVELD, Chief of Sports Medicine; Shoulder, Knee, Ankle Surgeon

Sports medicine is concerned with the functioning of the human body during physical activity and with the prevention and treatment of sport injuries. The aim of sports medicine is to deal wi..

Skin care

Private: Yi LU, Dermatologist

Skincare treatments have become very popular lately especially with so many new technologies now available to help us look younger. When seeking treatment, however, it is important to select..


Leon LI, Associate Chief Medical Officer Department chair of Emergency Medicine at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics Department chair of the Emergency and Critical Care Center of Shanghai Market Head of the Digestive Disease Center of United Family Shanghai Market

Clinics in the city are seeing an increasing number of patients suffering from bites or scratches by dogs or other animals in the summer, compared to in cooler seasons. Dog bites or scratche..

Should you worry about lung nodules?

Winfred ZHANG, Chair of Surgery

Nowadays, with the development of advanced imaging technologies, many people may discover they have pulmonary nodules – or spots on the lung. But what exactly are pulmonary nodules, and sho..

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