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Shanghai United Family QuanKou Clinic

United Family Quankou Clinic is located in Changning District, and is only about 5 minutes’ drive from our hospital on No. 699 Pingtang Road. Services offered at the clinic include dental, mental health and physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Quankou Clinic hours of operation are 8:30 A.M-6:30 P.M. Monday-Sunday.
As with all facilities in the UFH network, the United Family Quankou Clinic is staffed by highly qualified medical practitioners from China and around the world. The clinic offers direct billing to numerous global insurance providers.
United Family Quankou Clinic is your trusted partner in health, offering international quality care to you and your family in Shanghai.

Address & Map

United Family Quankou Clinic
8 Quankou Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200336

Quankou Clinic Hours of Operation: 

8:30-18:30 Mon-Sun 

Appointment Center: 400 639 3900
24-hour Emergency Hotline: +86 (21) 2216 3999
Dental Appointments: +86 (21) 2216 3909



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