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New Hospital Services Upgrade Shanghai United Family Hospital Ready for the 2nd CIIE

The 2nd China International Import Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on November 5, 2019. This exhibition, a global gathering of merchants, is shaping up to be an even  larger affair than last year’s inaugural fair. There are more activities planned for this year and higher requirements have been put in place to ensure medical security for the event.

As the first foreign-funded medical institution in Shanghai, United Family Hospital celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. On the eve of the expo opening, the new branch of Shanghai United Family Hospital opened its doors,  with new and upgraded hardware facilities. The new hospital is located at 699 Pingtang Road, Changning District, Shanghai, a short one kilometer away from the original site. Shanghai United Family Hospital, as a comprehensive international medical institution located in Hongqiao Business District, is ready to ensure medical security services for the second expo.

Shanghai United Family Hospital’s new branch is a comprehensive facility built according to strict JCI international  hospital quality management standards. It has a gross floor area of nearly 19,000 square meters, and is three times bigger than the previous SHU facility. According to the characteristics of security for the expo, the emergency department in Shanghai United Family Hospital is equipped with experienced doctors and nurses, who can handle all kinds of emergencies involving both adults and children. The new hospital is equipped with an emergency room, fever clinic, and psychiatric beds with monitoring equipment. Emergency radiology departments, pharmacies and laboratories are on standby 24 hours a day. In addition to Chinese and English, United Family medical teams from 17 different countries also provide translation for patients in more than 20 languages, which really helps facilitate the treatment of foreign businessmen if they need it.


Shanghai United Family Hospital is one of the few private hospitals in Shanghai with Tesla MRI 3.0T. The new generation of MRI 3.0T is a research-grade instrument which not only comprehensively improves the comfort level of patients, but also greatly improves the quality of clinical images and the speed of processing. The radiology department in the new hospital is open 24 hours a day, year-round, providing CT scans, MRI and ultrasound examinations and other quick and convenient emergency imaging services, and can also issue imaging diagnosis reports. The imaging room has a high level of imaging technology, equipped with six high-end radiology instruments, X-ray machines, color Doppler ultrasound, CT and other equipment. It can perform a series of imaging operations from simple to complex, as well as provide mammography services.

The management of Shanghai United Family Hospital mentioned that after 15 years of development and experience, Shanghai United Family Hospital has developed into a mature and stable hospital with rich medical staff experience and a unique style of its own in the field of high-end medical care in Shanghai. On the occasion of the relocation  to the new hospital, and to usher in the second expo, Shanghai United Family Hospital will put to use its brand new high-end hardware, its great location in Hongqiao, as well as the international medical team’s professional medical technology and quality services.

According to the requirements of the city’s health and family planning system for the second expo, Shanghai United Family Hospital has further improved the import service coordination mechanism, operations mechanism and emergency plan, as well as opening green channel especially for the expo. Now that the new hospital has formally opened, the medical equipment in each department has been installed and tested and put into regular operation, the hospital is carrying out targeted training according to the requirements of the fair to further improve the fair’s medical emergency response capabilities.

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