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Amanda MA


Physical therapist


BSc, MSc


Rehabilitative Medicine




Areas of specialty treatments:

Amanda MA has several areas of specialty including pre/postnatal rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunctions treatment, musculoskeletal pain management, adolescent / adult scoliosis rehabilitation, Pilates, WAFF, visceral manipulation and craniosacral manipulation.


Amanda MA received her Bachelor degree from Beijing Sport University in 2013, and was later awarded a Master degree in 2017 from University of Birmingham. Amanda MA completed her medical training in rehabilitation medicine at Shanghai Huadong Hospital in 2014, where HE/SHE treated patients, and developed expertise in managing conditions ranging from orthopedic post operation to chronic musculoskeletal problems rehabilitation.


Amanda MA has over 10 years of clinical experience.

In years of rehabilitation practice, Amanda MA is good at combining manual techniques, physical therapy and exercises to treat common pelvic floor problems (such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, etc.), pain problems (such as neck and low back pain, pelvic pain, limb joint pain, etc.), and postural problems (such as diastasis rectus abdominis, round shoulders and hunched back) during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. At the same time, Amanda MA is also good at using the German Schroth method to treat scoliosis in adolescents and adults, correcting the unhealthy posture such as round/ flat back, uneven pelvis or different length of legs, etc., and relieving related pain problems. Craniosacral therapy releases the symptoms such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, depression, and autonomic disorders; Visceral manipulation for acute/ chronic musculoskeletal pain, pelvic floor/pelvic disorders, and pre-/postpartum recovery. Also, she also has a lot of experience in combining Pilates and WAFF with maternity and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

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