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Fangyi Shao


Chief Physician, Obstetrician & Gynecologist



Master’s degree


Obstetrics & Gynecology Postpartum Rehabilitation




Areas of specialty:

Dr. Shao is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases, and is highly proficient in minimally-invasive surgeries, in laparotomy, hysteroscopy, and gynecological vaginal surgeries, and in the application of laparoscopy for total hysterectomy and non-prolapsed vaginal hysterectomy. She is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of normal pregnancies, as well as in various complications that arise due to pregnancy, and patients under maternal duress.


Dr. Shao is a chief physician with over 30 years of experience in scientific research in a Class A tertiary hospital, teaching, and clinical work. She boasts an array of technological achievements, and has been employed as a medical appraisal expert in the Putuo District of Shanghai since 2012, and has completed over 1,000 cases of laparoscopic surgeries. Dr. Shao joined Shanghai United Family Hospital in 2019, and has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life of gynecology patients, postpartum recovery, and the general safety and wellbeing of new mothers and children.

Dr. Shao obtained her Masters degree from Harbin Medical University. She is one of the first few doctors to obtain a certification for gynecological laparoscopy.

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