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Fang Li


Psychiatrist/ Psychotherapist


Bachelor of Medicine


Mental Health




Areas of specialty treatments:
Ms. Fang specializes in the following areas: 1) mild to moderate anxiety and depression; 2) adolescents self-harming/suicidal behaviors and family therapy with parents; 3) couple therapy; 4) interpersonal conflicts in the workplace; 5) family of origin issues, etc.
Ms. Fang Li graduated from Fudan Medical College in 2003. Her professional trainings in psychotherapy includes systematic counseling graduate program from Taiwan, international training in EFT with individual and couple therapy, systematic training in the Satir model family therapy, and systematic training in DBT for suicidal/self-injury behavioral intervention in adolescents.
Therapist Fang Li has more than ten years of clinical experience in psychotherapy practice. Before joining Shanghai United Family Hospital, Fang Li worked in the Putuo District Health Bureau, Shanghai Care Corner Counseling Center, Shanghai Putuo District Mental Health Center, and Nanhui Mental Health Center in Shanghai Pudong New District. She is experienced in evaluating and treating various psychological issues. Her treatment approach integrates Emotion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.
Ms. Fang is a member of Shanghai Mental Health Association and Shanghai Mental Association.

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