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Christina LEUNG


Cosmetic Surgeon




Areas of specialty:

Dr. Leung had worked as a cosmetic surgeon for 17 years, she is specialized in combined therapies using hyaluronic acid / Botox / collagen / PLA and thread lifting, and provides minimally invasive treatment experience with comfort. Dr. Leung had pursued an aesthetics of “I do not create beauty, I restore beauty like conserving artwork” throughout her career, and provides personalized treatment plans for anti-aging and improving facial appearances to restore natural native beauty. Dr. Leung is skilled in repairing various injection cosmetic complications, including adverse facial expressions after Botox injection, Tyndall phenomenon and abnormal concavity and convexity after ocular injection, complications after thread sculpting fat transplantation, and various causes of “over injection”.
Dr. Leung is one of the longest working experts to have practiced in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, she is also a training director at Allergan (Juvéderm and Botox) and Galderma (Restylane).


At Wuhan University School of Medicine, Dr. Leung obtained Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1991, and a Master in Surgery degree in 2003.


Dr. Leung has 31 years of clinical experience. Before joining UFH, Dr. Leung worked as a pediatrician in 1992 – 2003 at Wuhan Third Hospital of Wuhan University, and had specialized in neonatal pediatrics and common pediatrics. In 2003-2006, Dr. Leung completed specialty training in plastic surgery at Remin Hospital of Wuhan University, received cosmetic surgeon license and received a Master in Plastic Surgery degree. Since 2006, Dr. Leung had worked at major cosmetic centers across mainland China, and worked as director at Wuhan Meijiyuan Cosmetic Center, director at Shenzhen Yestar Cosmetic Center, director at CellCare Cosmetic Center. Dr. Leung had participated in research led by National Natural Science Foundation of China and had published articles in Chinese Journal of Microcirculation.

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