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Chien-Liang LAI










Areas of specialty treatments:

Dr. Lai specializes in the areas of General Surgery, Colon and Rectal Surgery, and Surgical Oncology. His expertise is colorectal cancer treatment (including personalized surgery and chemotherapy), various types of general surgery, especially minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery and Da Vinci robotic surgery). Dr. Lai has extensive experience in painless treatment of rectal and anal diseases such as hemorrhoids and fistulas. He is also skilled in the use of Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy for the examination and treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases.


Dr. Lai received surgical training including General Surgery and Colon and Rectal Surgery and Gastroenterology Surgery at a Tertiary Hospital in Taipei, China. Besides, he began to develop Robotic surgery from 2015. Dr. Lai studied fellowships for advanced pelvic floor disease treatment at the National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH), the fourth-generation Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System at Changi General Hospital (CGH), and Various approaches for the treatment of colon and rectal cancer at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (PMCC) in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Lai has more than ten years of clinical experience in general surgery. Dr. Lai specialized in gastrointestinal tract diseases, minimally invasive surgery, anal preserving surgery, and oncological treatment. In addition to his focus on clinical work, Dr. Lai is active to participate in academic conferences and research work. He has published more than ten articles in international medical journals, and one published report on the treatment of rectal cancer in <<International Journal of Colorectal Disease>>.

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