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(COVID19) Cheat Sheet of Dos&Don’ts in School

As classes begin again, Shanghai United Family Hospital has prepared 24 FAQ’s about Coronavirus for you. Start your child off right by being informed and ensuring a healthy school year!

1、What are viruses?

Viruses are small particles of living things that are all around us. They cannot be seen by the eyes and they have no smell. There are many types of viruses. Most viruses are good, but some are known to cause diseases.

2、What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause the common cold.However the most recent type of Coronavirus also known as the New Coronavirus (CoVid 19) is known to cause lung infection and difficulty in breathing.

3、How do Coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus is spread by coughing, sneezing and close contact. When coughing and sneezing, droplets come from the mouth and nose. These droplets contain millions of particles of Coronaviruses. When these droplets come in contact with another person, the viruses will be released onto the other person. Similarly if a person blows his or her nose, viruses can stay in the hands, therefore can be transmitted to another person.

4、How far should I stand away from another person?

Coronavirus can spread by close contact. Therefore it is important that you stand with 3 arms lengths away from each other is three of you holding both your arms wide apart and spread out from each other.

5、How should I sit in the classroom?

Your teacher should arrange that desks are far apart from each other. Preferably three school desks away from each other.

6、What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing describes how we should stand far apart from each other in order that we will minimize contact with the other person.

7、How should I interact with my friends?

Interacting with friends is a normal behavior for all of us. Because Coronavirus spreads by close contact it is important that we practice Social Distancing to minimize the chances for the virus to spread.

8、Can I hug my friends or shake hands?

Hugging and shaking hands are common practice of greeting among friends. It is important to use common sense to decide if you or your friend should hug each other or shake each other’s hands. Your school should have a policy on shaking hands, hugs and close contact.

9、My friend’s father had Coronavirus, can I hug my friend or shake his or her hands?

Your friend likely will only come to school when his or her father is well. Your school will likely have a policy on close contact with families that had Coronavirus infection. You and your friend will also decide if close contact is appropriate.

10、How often should I wash my hands?

Washing hands with simple soap and water should be a routine. This is to ensure that your hands are clean before you eat or touch yourself or others. As Coronavirus can stay on the skin, washing is the best way to keep your hands clean therefore lessen transmission.

11、Should I wear a mask?
Wearing a mask is helpful in preventing the spread of disease. Wearing a mask covers your mouth and nose. Therefore when coughing or sneezing, droplets will not spread from person to person.

12、Should I participate in sports?

Sporting activities are part of our daily lives. There are sports that require close contact such as American football, soccer, rugby, basketball and ice hockey. Your coaches and sports counselors will have to decide if these sports can be continued. Alternatives sports that have less contact may be encouraged.

13、Can I catch Coronavirus in the swimming pool?

All swimming pools have chlorinated water. It is unlikely that Coronavirus can survive in the chlorinated water. Swimming in itself is therefore safe.

14、Can I catch Coronavirus in the locker room or changing room?

Coronavirus is everywhere. However it is transmitted from human to human. Therefore the chances are the viruses will be transmitted in close contact from person to person and not necessary from being in a locker room or changing room.

15、Can I catch Coronavirus from toilet seats and toilet door handles?

It is known that Coronavirus can survive for several hours on surfaces. However it is more important to wash your hands after touching all surfaces regardless of whether it is in the toilet or classroom.

16、How will I know if I have Coronavirus?

You will never know for sure if you have Coronavirus unless you are tested. Therefore it is very important to stay home from school if you feel unwell, have coughing episodes, runny nose, muscle ache and feeling tired.

17、What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Generally speaking you will have fever, dry cough, perhaps runny nose and feeling weak and tired. As symptoms become worst you will have shortness of breath. It is important that youlet your family know if you feel unwell.

18、My friend has returned from overseas, is it safe to interact with him or her?

Your friend would have gone through a period of quarantine.  During this period it will be determined if your friend has had Coronavirus. Your friend should be safe to return to school after this period.

19、What is quarantine?

Quarantine is a period whereby you or your family members are separated from other friends and families.  In this case usually 2 weeks. This period will allow health workers to determine if you or your families have symptoms of a disease. Quarantine is usually imposed on people who return from another country.

20、What is lockdown?

Lockdown is a period whereby local authorities imposed restrictions on the movement of people. In this case people are told to stay home. Shops and restaurants are closed. Schools and universities are closed. Office workers are told to work from home. This is to ensure there are less contact among people therefore less human to human transmission.

21、What can I do during Quarantine and Lockdown?

It is important that you and your family stay safe. This is an opportunity to spend time with family members. As a family this is also a great opportunity to enjoy quality time together by watching movies or doing group activities. If you have a hobby it is the perfect time to develop your hobby. Meanwhile it is important to exercise and sleep well.

22、Is it safe to go to the hospital?

It is safe to go to the hospital. All hospitals have strict guidelines and restrictions in ensuring that Coronaviruses will not be transmitted easily. All hospitals will have strict rules on number of accompanying families and friends. There are rules on entrances and exits to separate sick and well patients.

23、Will I catch Coronavirus if I sit next to another patient?

Hospitals have strict rules on separating sick and well patients. Each hospital has a Triage system whereby patients are first assessed to see how sick the patients are and how the patients should be separated from others. Most hospitals will also follow the rule of Social Distancing in sitting arrangement.

24Is there treatment for Coronavirus?

Presently scientists from all over the world are working on vaccines to prevent Coronavirus. There is no specific treatment as doctors are still working out the pattern and course of the Coronavirus disease.