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New Technology to Combat Dry Eye Sydrome

Hui SHENG, Section Chief of Eye Clinic, Ophthalmologist

In the previous article we mentioned that in many cases, 。dry eye syndrome is caused by MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction). The meibomian glands create a lipid known as “meibum.” Meibum is uniformly distributed on the top surface of the tears every time you blink to stabilize the tear film.  This lipid layer plays a key role in limiting the evaporation of tears from the eye and keeps the eye moist.

To treat this type of dry eye syndrome, you need to treat the meibomian gland dysfunction first. The Ophthalmology Department of Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics uses the advanced OCULUS Keratograph 5M machine, as well as OPT (optimal pulsed technology) therapy to evaluate and treat the meibomian glands.


Healthy meibomian glands


(Meibomian glands with mild atrophy; Meibomian glands with moderate atrophy; Meibomian glands with severe atrophy)

The condition of the meibomian glands can be measured and documented withthe OCULUS Keratograph 5M machine.

OPT (optimal pulsed light) is a pulsed, high intensity broad spectrum light. The OPT device flashes an intense pulse of light with each application to the skin around the eyes. This light can close the abnormal blood vessels around the eyelids, activate meibomian gland function, reduce meibomian gland inflammation, and sterilize and kill vermiform mites. OPT therapy is safe,non-invasive and painless, and when combined with meibomian gland expression, can alleviate and treat the meibomian gland dysfunction effectively.


 Treatment process:

Step 1: OPT therapy, about 20-30min/visit.

Step 2: Meibomian gland expression. By physically squeezing the glands to discharge the blocked ducts to restore the normal function of the meibomian glands. This takes about 20-30min/visit.

In order to achieve the best treatment results, doctors recommend a course of 4 visits with OPT therapy and meibomian gland expression, with a 2-3 week interval between sessions. Below is the dry eye treatment package developed by the Shanghai United Family Hospital Ophthalmology Department,which starts from now on.