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8088th Baby Born at Shanghai United Family Hospital

One happy event comes to Miss Ni as the bustling and festival Year of the Dog is just around the corner. At 8 February 06:33 pm, Miss Ni gave birth to her second child successfully at Shanghai United Family Hospital. Her elder daughter aged 1 and a half turned out to have an adorable counterpart. The newborn girl happened to be the 8088th infant born at Shanghai United Family Hospital, whose birth ignited great happiness among everyone present. It’s good to note the number is auspicious in Chinese’s eyes.

No. 8088 infant was born at Shanghai United Family Hospital by spontaneous vaginal delivery, 3,510g in weight and 51 cm in height. The baby has been given antenatal care by Shanghai United Family Healthcare during the whole pregnancy course and was born on the very expected date of confinement.

Miss Ni, now the mother of two children, said, “I was quite nervous when recognizing my pregnant with a second child. It was at this time that the one-to-one coordinator with Shanghai United Family Hospital embraced me with warm greetings and considerate services, answered all my questions with patience, watched over my entire pregnancy course at all times, and maintained my lengthy trimesters of pregnancy in security.”

Ten months’ pregnancy was rewarded when the moment came, with satisfactory care by Shanghai United Family Healthcare within easy reach as always. Shanghai United Family Hospital boasts medical staff of caliber from all over the world. Since its opening on 1 December, 2004, Shanghai United Family Hospital has been dedicated to creating a homely and cozy medical environment and providing patients with unique and all-round medical services.

In terms of obstetrics, with a view to meeting demands of females of varying ages, our experienced obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives and nurses are equipped to deliver female health care, routine examination, and comprehensive premium medical services for gestation, parturition and post delivery.

The medical service team at Shanghai United Family Healthcare will always be there for mothers-to-be from the gestation to the final childbirth, despite a plethora of difficulties and fatigue. For the sake of disclosing all the answers and eliminating worry and anxiety, two informative pregnancy lectures that impart necessary knowledge for antenatal and postnatal stages are available at Shanghai United Family Hospital.

Generally, professional physicians from all departments will deliver “Mini Lectures on Parenting” via WeChat group on an irregular basis and are ready for on-line consultation. By contacting medical workers for mothers-to-be to help them out of all cases, one-to-one coordinators from Out Patient of Obstetrics Department are also helpful.

When entering maternity wards, you may catch sight of meticulously prepared flowers that are so fresh as to ignite good mood and imply the beauty of life. A variety of baby articles and wash supplies for adults are prepared at a typical maternity ward. Many young parents, who are exempted from several days of flurry and loss at the beginning, add, “we are so intensively attended that it seems our own home rather than a ward”.

Shanghai United Family Healthcare offers souvenirs featuring infant’s footprints that freeze-frame the happy moment of childbirth after delivery. Rational postnatal meals are prepared in such a nutritionally balanced way to meet any and all physical demands of young mommies. Both mothers and newborn babies will be granted permanent membership of Shanghai United Family Healthcarein the following days, eligible for various benefits and preferences.

The middle of 2018 will witness the settlement of Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital located Jinqiao, Pudong as expected, which will provide efficient and quality medical services as always, extending both service availability and area of Shanghai United Family Healthcare. The new hospital will deliver more comprehensive and more sound package service for mothers-to-be. Building on the original obstetrical services, the Confinement Center will give postnatal recovery services and act as a true health protector of all mommies and families.