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Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (SMCHFP) Visited Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) for Survey and Guidance

Recently, Mr. Daxiang Wen, Deputy Director of SMCHFP, Mr. Hong Wu, Chief of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Division, and other leaders led the 11th Survey Team of SMCHFP to visit SHU for survey.

Ms. Heather Smith, United Family Healthcare Shanghai Market General Manager, Dr. Chengyu Zhang, General Manager of Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital, Dr. Lijun Wan, Chief Medical Officer of Shanghai United Family Hospital, and Dr. Hau Liu, Chief Medical Officer of Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital warmly received and accompanied Deputy Director Wen and the delegation during their inspection of the hospital and reported relevant operations to the delegation.

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After the inspection, the survey team had an in-depth discussion with executives of the hospital and heads of relevant departments. Deputy Director Mr. Wen spoke highly of SHU’s efforts in community health care and high-end health services. He emphasized that private medical institutions should keep pace with the times without forgetting their original intentions, always serve the people, advocate humanitarian care, and integrate into China’s health strategy in the long run.