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We Take Care of Women Leaders Better

Chinese women are high-powered, ambitious, modern and proud.They rule as number one in many facets of life. Official statistics show that there are more female than male students in Chinese universities.
World Bank data in 2010 placed China first in the world for female percentage of the labour force, at 73%.
Woman are the commercial power of China. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, openly declared women the “secret sauce” of Alibaba’s great success, especially on big moments such as Double 11.Of the 88 self-made female billionaires found across the world, 56 of them were Chinese businesswomen.
It’s clear that now is a great time for the advancement of the fairer sex, and at Shanghai United Family Hospital, we fully encourage, support and nurture leading ladies.
At SHU, we have thirteen years’ experience at taking care of women as we provides a complete range of diagnostic, therapeutic, treatment and surgical specialties to meet the special needs of women. We take care of women better.SHU believes a healthy woman is thriving, strong and healthy both emotionally and physically.
Women, who always spend more time caring for others, should remember to prioritize their own health by eating better, taking physical activities, and very importantly, taking regular preventive and proactive health measures.We believe women understand women’s physical health and inner concerns better; therefore we have professional women colleagues for medical consultation, advice, and treatment.
Specialized Services and Facilities for Women
From adolescence through the reproductive years and menopause, SHU provide international standard care that serves the complex, comprehensive health needs of women of every age. The medical services at SHU include prenatal care, postpartum care, and menopause clinic, laparoscopy, nutrition clinic, vaccine injection, and plastic surgery and aesthetic services. Our patients can always feel comfortable and secure at SHU, no matter your country, language, or culture, because SHU offers a relaxing and private atmosphere for physician consultation and evaluation, and advanced medical equipment and facilities for diagnosis, surgery and recovery.