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The Natural Way to Beauty

Shanghai United Family Hospital dermatology and aesthetic center offers Juvederm® Hyaluronic Acid Injection Gel which is developed by Allergan.  Juved..

Vision Free of Dryness

Lacrimal Punctum Plug Occlusion Package at Shanghai United Family Hospital Eye Clinic From August 17, 2015, Lacrimal Punctum Plug Occlusion Package..

Ladies, How Do We Keep Ourselves Safe from Cancer?

We get screened. Starting on December 1, 2014, our basic female cancer screening package recommended for women under 40 is available for only..

2017 Prenatal and Delivery Packages

For detailed information on our current prenatal and delivery packages, and postpartum care service, please download our guide here. For detailed i..

First Aid Courses

We offer a series of first aid courses for families, business people, and any other community members who are interested in learning first aid skills...

Comprehensive Women’s Health Services

At Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics, our experienced gynecologists offer comprehensive women’s health services, including, but not limited..

Standard Health Management Package

When Was Your Last Health Management ? A Standard Health Management is only RMB 4,150 at Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics (Cash and..