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News Update

Give Blood. Share Life

No matter where we are from, what colour our skin is, what our religion, the blood that flows in our bodies is the same. Thanks to voluntary blood don..

The 1st UFH International Summit on Peds

Dear Colleagues, We cordially invite you to attend our 1st UFH International Summit on Pediatrics in Shanghai, China! The one-day conference will f..

Free Clinic in Green Court International Community

Want to improve the nutritional supplementation for your family? Are you bothered by sub-health or sleep problems? A happy and balanced life necessit..

8088th Baby Born at Shanghai United Family Hospital

One happy event comes to Miss Ni as the bustling and festival Year of the Dog is just around the corner. At 8 February 06:33 pm, Miss Ni gave birth to..

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (SMCHFP) Visited Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU) for Survey and Guidance

Recently, Mr. Daxiang Wen, Deputy Director of SMCHFP, Mr. Hong Wu, Chief of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Division, and other lead..

United Family Fengshang Clinic is Open

The grand opening ceremony of United Family Fengshang Clinic took place on 10th Jan 2018. Ms. Roberta Lipson, Founder and CEO of United Family Healthc..

New Year’s Day and Spring Festival Schedule

2018 New Year's Day and  Spring Festival Schedule Shanghai United Family Hospital Dear Patients, Shanghai United Family Hospital’s Departmen..

Hygienist Victoria’s “Secret”

Victoria Tedjarati。 Victoria Tedjarati is the Dental Hygienist at United Family Hospital. Victoria has been with us for an amazing 12 years..

Wash Hands Correctly to Avoid Flu

According to Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai is now at the peak of influenza season. It’s estimated that the i..

We Take Care of Women Leaders Better

Chinese women are high-powered, ambitious, modern and proud.They rule as number one in many facets of life. Official statistics show that there are mo..