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Immunity boosting tips in kids

Maggie ZHUANG, Family Medicine Physician

More schools may reopen as the coronavirus spread has been basically curbed. It’s true that gathering lots of people together indoors day after day leads to the inevitable exposure to a mul..

The Challenges of E-learning for Parents & Children

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all schools have been shut down and kids of all ages are staying home learning through internet. This has brought many challenges to teachers, students, and ..

Preventive Care is Your Best Bet

Lincoln Sakiara MIYASAKA, Family Medicine Physician

“It is better to prevent than to remedy” is a popular saying in Brazil where I was born which in English would correspond to “better safe than sorry” or even “prevention is better than ..

Do you know the three pitfalls and three secrets of marital conflict?

A couple came for counseling in my office. Their biggest source of pain was that “we cannot communicate anymore!” Every attempt to communicate would end up with yelling and angry out..

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