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Trouble sleeping? Sleep hygiene and improving your sleep quality

Helen WESSELS, Psychotherapist

Have you ever lain in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep despite being tired? With thoughts racing through your mind, you begin to worry, “Why can’t I fall asleep?” or “How ..

Relax your body, relax your mind – Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Helen WESSELS, Psychotherapist

“Usually, the days just fly by. It starts from taking the kids to school, straight to work, where I rush from meeting to meeting. Afterwards, grocery shopping needs to be done, laundry and ..

Struggling to adjust to Shanghai? Culture shock, cultural adaption and when to see a counselor

Helen WESSELS, Psychotherapist

With a population of 25 million, Shanghai is one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. The growing economy, fast-paced life, and creativity are just a few of the many factors tha..

Unicondylar Knee Replacement

Ashish MASKAY, Senior Orthopedic Assistant Surgeon

Background:It was the year 1966. An engineer met a surgeon at Oxford, UK. This meeting would lead to a breakthrough discovery in the field of orthopedic surgery and open up many doors to fur..

Healthy diet

Lincoln Sakiara MIYASAKA, Family Medicine Physician

  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said: “Consider food thy medicine and medicine thy food.” Food is as important for our health as medicine. A large number of ..

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